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  • What does GYM hope to accomplish as an advocacy sporting event?
    We hope to: 1.Champion for better ageing in Singapore by partnering with seniors, their families and communities to believe in and empower them to pursue their dreams 2.Encourage greater intergenerational bonding between the young and old through various pre-event advocacy activities 3.Get greater support for intervention projects that empower better ageing (e.g. reversing physical frailty programmes, dementia outing, chronic risk management programmes, etc)
  • Who are the Organizers of the GYM Challenge?
    GYM Challenge is organised by non-profit, Empower Ageing. It is supported by official social enterprise partner, ProAge Pte Ltd, that lends its help on various areas like sponsorship, marketing, event organising, volunteer recruitment, etc.
  • Why was GYM Birthed?
    GYM Challenge was birthed to call forth a collaborative effort to reverse current perceptions of ageing in Singapore. More about why GYM Challenge was done can be found here.
  • Who is the Beneficiary for this Event?
    The beneficiary for the event is Empower Ageing, which is in line with supporting seniors and families to make empower better ageing.
  • What is the minimum age to participate in this event?
    The minimum age is 13 and there’s no age limit for the climb.
  • How many routes are there?
    1. Route for frail seniors – shorter and easier climb (0.6km). 2. Route for more active seniors and rest of community – longer climb (3.2km).
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