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Why GYM Challenge

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

In 2018, GYM Challenge was birthed to reverse the current ageing perception. For too long, issues like deteriorating health, loneliness and loss of self-confidence have presented themselves as formidable “mountains” in the lives of many seniors, causing them to feel powerless, hopeless and useless.

With GYM Challenge, we make a bold statement that

  1. Seniors have dreams too.

  2. Seniors can conquer their mountains to fulfill their dreams.

  3. Everyone can play a part in empowering seniors to fulfill their dreams.

GYM Challenge is the first nation-wide family sporting event. It aims to empower seniors, family and community members through the climb up to Mount Faber. The conquering of Mount Faber signifies a bold step forward towards fulfilling dreams that have been put to sleep years ago. It calls for the awakening of the dreams of seniors.

It takes a community to fulfill one person’s dreams. Instead of dampening them, let’s come alongside seniors and empower them so that they can fulfill their dreams in their golden years.

Last year, we helped empower 650 people.

This year, we plan to double that to 1,300.

Join us in helping awaken the dreams of seniors!

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