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5 Things to Do With Your Grandparents This National Day

The long National Day/Hari Raya weekend is finally here! For those of you who are spending it in Singapore this year, it might be the perfect opportunity to catch up with the family.

Why not spend part of it with your grandparents? 

Lucky for you, we have compiled a short and very achievable list of activities that you can do together. Check it out! 

1. Nature Trails

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir

Nature has a way of relieving stress, clearing one’s mind and making one feel better. It doesn’t discriminate on age, which is why this is an excellent choice for the family!

Take a stroll or spring an impromptu exercise session, whichever is best suited to the fitness level of your grandparents. Chalk up some Vitamin D and Endorphins while you’re at it. We hear they do you goooood. 

2. Grocery Shopping

This is the one to prioritise especially for your grandmothers. I mean, have you seen the aunties in the market? They look more excited than kids at a candy store. 

Whether it is at a supermarket or your friendly neighbourhood’s wet market, grocery shopping is a pretty fuss free activity for both sides — just get them there and let the products do the talking. A follow up meal might come in handy after all that shopping. 

3. Watch a Movie on the Big Screen

I’m sure you’ve heard about those Senior Citizen discounts on movie tickets, but did you know that Cathay Cineplexes will be offering them at $1 from 19 - 30 Aug?! 

Yes, you read that right. They will be bringing back 10 old movies, specially curated for the Merdeka and Pioneer Generations, at selected movie theatres. Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment (read: $54 Huawei *ahem*). 

4. Storytelling

Nothing gets them talking like some stories of their younger days. Whether it’s stories about wartime, their paktor days or even embarrassing memories of your parents, show them you’re interested in listening to them and they’ll be more than happy to give you a glimpse into the people they once were.

This activity is best suited for those who might be able to converse (even if just a little) with their grandparents. Ask them open ended questions and loads of follow ups! Old photos are always a good place to begin. Watch their eyes light up as they tell you stories of the old. Totally worth it, believe it or not. 

5. TV Time

When all else fails, there are many free preview channels available on both Starhub and Singtel cable TV for you to fall back on. Not to forget, the National Day Parade will be broadcast live in the evening from 5pm, SGT. 

At the end of the day, it is your presence that matters most to them. Don’t worry about getting too many words in to fill the silences, though it would be really nice to keep your phones at bay. After all, spending time with someone means to give your undivided attention that they deserve.  

BONUS - for the adventurous and lowkey influencer wannabe 

Take A National Day OOTD

Beat your friends at their OOTD game by taking one with your grandparents! Confirm get eyeballs. Remember to don yourselves in red and white. +200 points for props, +500 points for face paint ;)

It’s really about being intentional about the time that you spend with them. Rally your cousins to be part of this too! The added manpower may help to take the stress off you. On top of that, it will certainly be heartwarming for your grandparents to see their grandkids making the effort together. Hopefully, you will get to do all the listed activities with them in the coming weeks!

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