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Highlights from GYM Challenge 2018

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

In 2018, the Go for Your Mountain (GYM) Challenge was launched, with the aim of empowering seniors and their families to accomplish the goal of reaching the peak of Mount Faber together.

The Challenge provided two different routes, each tailored to meet the needs of the elderly with different fitness levels. The first route started from the base of Mount Faber, whilst the second was a much shorter route, catered to the frail elderly, both with a common end point — the summit.

GYM Challenge 2018 was the inauguration of this nation-wide family sporting event, which sent a message to the community that it takes a community to support one’s dream. 650 participants, including elderly, family and community members alike, rallied together to climb up Mount Faber, to renew the hopes of these seniors.

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