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Guest of Honour
Ms Yeo Wan Ling
MP Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC

GYM 2023

Many seniors in our society live lives of isolation and loneliness.

This year we want to partner 750 seniors to climb to the top of mount faber  and in doing so, restore a sense of worth and dignity.

We want to climb with them and physically manifest the belief that they are not alone, but that they are valued, honoured members of society.

Join us! 


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Bring the family together

Family is stronger together. At GYM2023, get your family together and walk with your senior for a  day of family fun. 

Support Your beloved Senior

At the core of GYM2023is the belief that ageing well is possible. Take this journey with your believed senior to support and encourage them to reach their dreams. 


GYM2023 is also a celebration of Seniors. They have seen Singapore through our founding and post war rebuilding. Their stories are the stories of where we came from and form part of our identity.

Click on the button and fill in the form

We email you the details 

We see you on 30th September for a great day out!

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We believe Singapore is stronger when we honor the generations and move together.

The young hold the hopes and dreams for the future, 

the adults empower and enable the young to do so, 

and the seniors dream of the kind of nation they want their grandchildren to grow up in. 

As we look ahead to the future, we also choose not to forget where we came from and who we are.

Let us get together on September 30th to climb mount Faber together with our senior family members as well as  other Singaporean seniors  who believe that as a family, we are stronger together.

Building Singapore,  a good city to grow old in and a good city to grow up in


The GYM Challenge was birthed in 2018 to reverse the current perception of ageing. Deteriorating health, loneliness and loss of self-confidence have presented themselves as formidable “mountains” in the lives of many seniors which lead to mental and physical deterioration. 

In the GYM challenge, we scale Mount Faber with seniors, declaring with action that no one is too old to have a dream. Go for Your Mountain will be the crossing of a physical hurdle, proving to themselves and their world that they can still pursue their dreams.

For GYM2023, we want to declare that the family is an essential component in ageing well. We want to challenge you to sign up with your beloved senior and commit to taking on this challenge as a family and support  your seniors to pursue their dreams and age well. 

GYM 2022 highlights 

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